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نحن اول منصة الكترونية مختصة في التسويق بالعمولة و الدروبشبنغ في العراق , تأسست من قبل شباب عراقيين لغرض حل مشكلة المبيعات المنخفضة لاصحاب الاعمال و كذلك لتوفير فرص الحصول على مدخول اضافي للشباب من خلال التسويق لهذه المنتجات , نعتمد الاقتصاد التشاركي لاحداث طفرة في عالم التجارة الالكترونية في العراق

We are the first online platform that specialized in the Dropshipping & affiliate marketing in Iraq , Its established by two Iraqi young guys , Hassan Khalis & Wael Qasim, we aim to increase the sales of the Iraqi Traders by offering their products on our platform and to provide opportunities for the young generation to get an extra income through promoting the available Products , The Sharing economy is our path to make a change in the eCommerce market in Iraq




 Our Team :

Wael Qasim / Co-Founder & CEO

  •         Wael Qasim / Co-Founder & CEO                       


 Hassan Khalis / Co-Founder

  • Hassan Khalis / Co-Founder & Business Development Manager 




 For More Information Please Kindly contact us on : 

- info@e-shelfs.com

 For traders who are interested in posting their products on our platform please kindly send us an email containing an introduction about your business & photos of your products on :

- sales@e-shelfs.com